With state and nationally certified reporters, certified realtime reporters, certified videographers who are on staff with Appalachian Court Reporting, there is no service that we do not provide to meet your needs. We are a technology driven firm.  With the technology available today in the court reporting profession, the question that should be asked of any client is not, “can you provide that service,” but should be, “why can’t you; and if you can’t, can you give us the name of someone who can.”  That includes anything from a dirty draft or rough draft of testimony to a realtime feed to daily or expedited delivery of your transcript.  Whether in the courtroom or deposition setting, our team of reporters will be able to meet any need you have. Give Bill Abel 770-540-9832 or Carol Glazier 706-781-5724 a call directly or call our office at 706-745-4455 or 770-535-7123 to speak to us about any questions you may have.  Challenge our local competitors to offer the same product.


Appalachian Court Reporting provides the following services…

-Realtime Reporting/Translation

-Daily and Expedited copy

-ASCII Disks

-Videography with time stamps and synchronization, delivered in your preferred format.

-Telephone Depositions


-Miniscripts and Concordance

-Familiarity with expert terminology, such as medical, environmental, asbestos, etc.

Internet Scheduling