Appalachian Court Reporting is able to provide daily, expedited, dirty draft and rough draft copies when requested. Daily transcript turnaround is the same day. Expedited is two to four days and regular delivery is ten business days. We at Appalachian Court Reporting also provide dirty drafts and rough drafts. You may ask, what is the difference between a dirty draft and a rough draft. A dirty draft is a draft of the proceedings immediately after its conclusion with little to no editing done. It is simply a “dirty” transcript of the proceedings handed to you on a jump drive or if you had a live feed sent to your iPad, you will already have it for your use. Rough draft transcripts are provided after the reporter has had time to go through and make sure it is in draft form. That will usually be delivered via email that evening or the next morning. These are great tools to use when you wnat to get a jump on trial preparation or even future deposition preparation while waiting on the certified copy to be delivered. Dirty drafts and rough drafts are not certified. They are a tool. One great advantage to a dirty draft and a rough draft is that though not certified, it is of high-quality, professional workmanship, and is a cost saver in the event the cost of a daily or expedited certified transcript may be out of reach.