Having worked in the court system in Georgia for over 25 years, I can tell you that watching a professionally produced video of a witness who cannot appear to testify in a trial is an extremely powerful tool. Although I have seen many depositions read into the record by counsel, it does not compare to the power of getting the court’s as well as the jurors’ attention when they can watch the testimony live through a video produced by a certified videographer. Add the transcript synched to the video and you will have the undivided attention of all parties in the courtroom. Not only are they following the written transcript alongside the witness as he or she testifies, but they are able to see the demeanor of the witness and judge his or her credibility. Many video depositions played in court are of expert witnesses, and as the jurors see the transcript appear beside the witness as he or she testifies it ensues they hear and see every word and judge and weigh his or her credibility along with all other witnesses who appear to be sworn and take a seat in the witness chair